East Cheshire’s biggest and best Play Centre!

Designed by parents, the play structure at Run of the Mill in East Cheshire has been carefully and individually thought out and manufactured to complement the specific characteristics of both our building and our particular requirements.


We wanted our equipment to offer the latest and most interesting modules of play possible. The idea is to challenge, stimulate, and exercise the children as they make their way around the play frame, having fun in the process, of course! Rather than the simple “scramble up to a big slide” which most Manchester Play Centres sport, we have given thought to each section of the frame, taking into account all kinds of different fitness skills such as crawling, balancing, climbing, squeezing, rolling, running, jumping, calculating, sliding, etc

In our 10,000 square foot Stockport Indoor Play Centre, you will find:
A brand new woodland themed baby area with lots of friendly characters to discover as well as themed baby rockers, baby ball pool, beanbags, bendy mirrors and interactive toys.

A brand new area specially made for your toddlers to play safely in an exciting environment including a ball pool, a safe slide, interactive wall toys, ramps, agility climbing sets, giant character ball, hanging bash bags and much more…

An extensive and imaginative frame for the over 4’s including our brand new ball pool with suction pipes and ball shower – guaranteed to capture their attention!

There are fast bumpy slides, trampettes, giant balls, aero-slides, elevated crawl tube, lookout bubble, enclosed football and basketball pitch, agility sets, alphabet trail, hopscotch, climbing wall and much, much more!

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